Want to have your streams indexed on StreamWoop?

(1) Create a basic HTML page, (2) upload it to your server and (3) contact [email protected]
Your HTML page must use <a> tags with the following parameters: Syntax (see below for full example):
<a href="http://url_to_your_stream.com" competition="competition_name" sport="sport_name" lang="language_code"> event_name </a>


Please note: Woop.io also offers "competition to sport" mapping:


Use ISO code (see https://countrycode.org/)

Full Example

Create an empty HTML page, upload it to your server and then contact [email protected]
To see a real world example, Click here

# sport and lang are required parameters
<a href="http://url_to_your_stream_1.com"  sport="baseball" lang="en"> Los Angeles Dodgers vs Seattle Mariners</a>

# you can use any combination of parameters as long as sport and lang are present
<a href="http://url_to_your_stream_2.com"  competition="NFL" sport="football" lang="en"> New York Giants vs Green Bay Packers</a>
<a href="http://url_to_your_stream_3.com"  sport="boxing" lang="fr"> UFC Fight #203</a>
<a href="http://url_to_your_stream_4.com"  competition="NHL" sport="icehockey" lang="de"> Edmonton Oilers vs San Jose Sharks</a>
etc ...